3 Days of Hiking Starting at the Western Terminus in Interstate State Park

312 Down 828 To Go

36.9 Miles hiked in 3 Days

Day 1   10/16/2017

Map of today’s 14.7 mile hike here.

Got up early today 3:30 A I had a four hour drive ahead of me planning on a 15 mile hike and get camp setup before dark. I better get moving. Drove to Interstate Park where I would be camping for two nights and more importantly where the western terminus of the ice age trail starts.

Western Terminus St Croix River

Left home at 4:45 Am and got to the park at about 9:15 got a campsite #27 and being that my campsite was ¼ mile from the western terminus it made things easy for my first day logistics. So time to ride the motorcycle to The Trail head in Centuria, WI. And start hiking.

I started the hike on a rail trail for about ½ mile then a road section for about 4 miles before heading into the woods and heading down river (south) paralleling the St Croix River a beautiful section along the river with the fall colors past peak but plenty of leaves left on the trees. The St Croix River is a 169 mile long river whose lower 125 miles form the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. This lead into the Wert Family Nature Preserve away and 400 feet above the river.

Fred Zillmer Park
Wert Family Nature Preserve

This lead to Zillmer Park (founder of the Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation, Inc. and originator of the Ice Age Trail) and then finishing at he Western Terminus in Interstate State Park.

I made it back to the campsite around 5 with enough daylight to setup camp. Set the tent up check out the video.

Interstate State Park “Camp 27”

Made something to eat cleaned up and slept pretty good except for the car alarm that went off at least half a dozen times throughout the night sounded like it was coming from the other side of the campground. Thankfully they left and the next night was alarm free.

Day 2    10/17/2017

Map of today’s 14.5 Mile hike here.

Another 15 mile day and ready to get started. It was a little chilly at sunrise about 38 degrees but a great forecast of 70 and sunny. Got to the same trail head in Centuria this time heading northeast to the trail head in Fredrick. Almost the entire 15 miles was on the Gandy Dancer State Trail a former rail line converted to a recreational trail.

Gandy Dancer State Trail
Gandy Dancer State Trail

Rail trail are not my favorite but with perfect fall weather and changing leaves it should be a good day. I left Centuria heading northwest passing through the towns of Milltown and Luck ending up at the trailhead (I will begin here tomorrow) on the south side of Fredrick.

Milltown and Luck Water Towers

Some of the good and bad things about Rail Trails. The bad usually boring but not today, perfect fall weather and colorful leaves made it a great walk also on the bad side it can be hard on my feet due to the same steps taken with little variation as opposed to a varying trail which varies your steps. On the good side easy walking and you can spend more time looking around and less time watching where you are going.

Day3   10/18/2017

Map of todays 7.9 mile hike here.

I saved the best for last. Up at sunrise to tear camp down and head out.

Today’s plan Trade River Segment and Straight Lake Segment. Perfect weather again was down to a t-shirt and shorts at 11 in the morning not bad for October 18. Started the hike through the Trade River Ski Area being followed by a large dog who really liked barking at me. The hike then went through the beautiful Straight Lake State Park highlighted by Oak Forests raining leaves.

Also saw some Beaver Activity

The untouched and undeveloped Straight Lake and the Straight River Tunnel Channel. The finest example of a Tunnel Channel in the Midwest.

I wish I had brought my good camera for this one. I highly recommend this hike preferably in the fall when some of the leaves are down so as to be able to see straight Lake and the Tunnel Channel. It may be wet in some areas during spring or high rain times.

That’s all for now Andy

Janesville to Milton Segment

282.6 Down 857.1 To Go

Map of Today’s Hike Here.

Today’s Early Sunday morning hike/walk was the Janesville to Milton segment and the Milton Segment for a total of 8.38 miles. The walk stared at the northeast part of Janesville through some residential areas along a rail/trail path to the city of Milton then through Milton ending at the Storrs Lake State Wildlife area. Overall a nice walk on a very nice early October morning.

The highlight was the very nice Milton Area Veterans Memorial (pictures below) dedicated on July 3, 2016. A very impressive Veterans park for a small town. Also passed by Storrs Lake where Abraham Lincoln camped in 1832 as a 23-year-old Army Scout (pictures below).

The fall colors are still very poor. Looks like its going to be a bust in Southern Wisconsin.

Milton Area Veterans Memorial
Milton Area Veterans Memorial
Milton Area Veterans Memorial

Ice Age Trail Marker
Ice Age Trail Marker

Abraham Lincoln Information

Delafield Segment Hartland Segment

275.1 Down 864.6 To Go

Map of Today’s Hike Here.

No work today it’s a Thursday Packer Gameday and a good chance to knock off another section of the IAT. Today’s hike not to exciting mostly urban with some woods through the cities of Delafield and Hartland. This should be the last of big city hiking until the Door County Peninsula. Today’s hike also joins north and south sections together I have already hiked for a total of 130.3 contiguous miles, my longest contiguous section. The fall colors so far are not that great it seems that the leaves that have changed are mostly brown and down, and the leaves remaining are mostly green. Lots of acorns dropped and many walnuts. Could be due to a dry September with very cool temperatures at the beginning of the month and a week of record breaking or near record breaking high temperatures at the end of the month. I did my good deed for the day at the end of my hike at Cushing Memorial Park parking area giving a jump start to a mom and her two children that were stranded with a dead battery. Go Pack!

Koren War Memorial
Korean War Memorial Cushing Memorial Park
Giant Tree
Giant tree cut down near Hartbrook Park

Ice Age Trail Delafield Segment